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I can’t wait to be back around all my amazing fans and show off all my new work and maybe even play on the Sybian again.. Can’t wait to walk around exxxotica and explore other kinksters like myself!! It’s going to b so much fun everyone come on out and see me💕💕














well good new everyone:) i will be at Exxxotica Chicago! yayyy. everyone go get your tickets and come see me! i will be posting on my twitter @hopeharperxxx the booth number and up to date stuff on it. well my week has been amazing i finally got my tattoos done and they are amazing! iv shoot so much amazing content and customs i would half to say my favorite one shooting was Sahara Huxley caring me passed out threw a park in a short mini dress. im in the process of buying a house so everyone can see me and enjoy me more with more camming, i will be making a YouTube channel im going to start dancing and recording it maybe even…….. feature dancing:) well i am going to get off here and go check emails and snapchat all my amazing fans:) have a amazing weekend and i hope everyone had a a safe and naughty memorial day weekend MWAHH XOXO

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